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Expand on your Modern Cupping Therapy skill set with a more in-depth look at working with athletes to enhance their athletic performance. MCT for Sports and Athletic Performance helps you put it all together when working specifically with athletes. Learn how to incorporate therapeutic cupping to help prepare the athlete for their next event, as well as expedite recovery. Explore how integrating cups can quickly softens deep muscular tension and address common structural patterns, while leaving the athlete with greater range of motion.

Previous Fundamentals Course is prerequisite for this Course



Each day will include a demo and practical time for you to give AND receive a treatment.
Saturday, September 29, 2018
Day 1 (Sports applications on lower extremities)
Discuss the benefits of therapeutic cupping for athletic performance
Sports specific lower extremity issues (Including piriformis syndrome, hip flexor strains, deep hamstring tension and shin splints).
Sunday, September 30, 2018
Day 2 (Sports applications on torso/upper extremities)
Build on foundation applications of torso and upper extremities as specific to athletes. Discuss pre/post sport event approach
Sport specific upper extremity issues (Including shoulder impingement, lateral/medial epicondylitis, oblique strain)



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Stacie Nevelus
Licensed Massage Therapist

Stacie is a licensed massage therapist in Florida (1999), certified vacuum therapies practitioner (2005) and educator (2009).  She has specialized in therapeutic and sports massage applications and became certified in Neuromuscular therapy (2001). She has taught all over the United States and abroad and she practices in Florida.

Stacie has become known as a specialist in acute and chronic injuries as well as working with competing and professional athletes.  Stacie has worked with many athletes ranging from world ranked tennis professionals, triathletes, national and Olympics runners, MLB and NFL players all while integrating the wonders of Modern Cupping Therapy. Stacie is the personal massage therapist for Adam Jones, CF of the Baltimore Orioles since 2010.  Integrating Modern Cupping Therapy into treatment sessions has been an amazing addition to her practice, continuously yielding incredible results.

Stacie was featured in Massage Magazine in October 2012 issue for Best Practices.  She has also published many articles in Massage Today and Massage Message as well as various television news appearances.  Stacie brings her passion for bodywork and Modern Cupping Therapy to the table and the classroom.



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